Thursday, August 5, 2010


I've recently realized what is true in life. Some things i already knew like , The gospel, The prophet and The scriptures. Some things i didnt know mattered so much to me and i didnt even realize it were Friends, Family, And Being true to myself. One day we all have to wake up and realize " Hey this is me. Im gonna deal with it. I love me no matter what." What also means alot is friends. I Realized "Ok. So im wierd, Not very tough, And kinda random." I needed to find people who accepted me no matter what and love me for myself. I realized that the people i loved and needed were right in front of me. I just never took the Chance of talking to them. Now that i did if feel complete. And lastly My Family. I know we all hear that family is important and we need to bond and stuff but its true. I noticed, My parents accept me. They love me no matter how much therapy i need or how stupid i get sometimes. I can act how i want around them and feel comfortable. I can do the same with my brothers. I have never felt closer to Jaron and Michael. I feel like i just noticed how much alike me and my brothers are. I love my life and hope to live it as long as possible. And i feel this way Because of my family. So listen to your family, spend time with them, and no matter what happens dont let them go.

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maddie said...

Wow Devin, this post made me almost cry. I love you, bud. Thanks for posting this.