Thursday, June 23, 2011


My Brother Jaron has to be the best second oldest brother in the world! Michael being the best oldest brother in the world. Jaron will be twenty on saturday. Thank goodness we didnt loose him this past year. Jaron is like my best friend in the world! We get along so well and we're alike in so many ways! I know he had a more rough childhood than i ever thought he did but he is so strong that he hardly even remembers it now. Jaron is himself. He has a "No secrets" policy that idk if i ever could follow. What im trying to say is that he is an awesome brother and i never want to loose him. Happpy birthday child. If you're reading this...
Love devin.! :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Friends, My Brothers, and My Parents.

These people make my life the best. When im feeling bad, sad, angry, guilty, or afraid, they revive me. I have anxiety so its easy for me to feel fear and somehow when i talk to my parents i feel so much comfort. The picture of me and those two girls is like my favorite. These kids are two of my best friends. They always make me feel better. :)
<--- Those guys? Oh yeah they're my brothers!! I just never see them... Even though i hardly see them they are still the best brothers... EVER. I love my life even when i think i have the worst one in the world. I hope i never loose any of these people.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Un-original but an AMAZING IDEA!!!

Okay. So my brother Jaron has a blog. Right? Okay. And... He does these random posts that are like lists... Ya know? Yeah. I know im a sorta a "COPYCAT" But hey! Whatcha gonna do? so here goes.

-I actually REALLY like to sing. :)

-I love camping and Boating.

-oddly enough sometimes i feel like Kneeboarding is the ONLY thing im good at

-as much as i say it is, cello IS NOT my life. :)

-i am a horribly good secret keeper

-i SUCK at comebacks

-I go through these phases where either i wanna be an athlete, or just a regular joe and more!

-Im good at acting like im OKAY

-sometimes i wanna just roll in the mud

-i feel like i have to be happy and funny just to let everyone feel normal

-im pretty much immune to awkwardness

-I'm afraid to make mistakes

-So i dont take chances


-I have low self confidence yet i hear that i give confidence to others

-My brothers are two of my best friends

-im afraid to loose friends cuz its happened 5 times

-I just wanna have a little fun.

-*When i feel down i try to think "i could just be hilarious all my life... or i could sing in a bar for a living!"

-I used to think i had no friends when i actually have the best friends in the world

-sometimes i pretend like im famous

-im afraid to be home alone

-i cry when my brothers leave home

-and i mean it when i say my mother is the best in the entire world. Sorry guys :)

-i wish i was older so i could be friends with my brothers friends

-sometimes i trick myself into believing im cool like Dallas, Ty hoggan, or Janci Hamblin

-I sometimes wish my best friend was a guy

-then again... I have the BEST BEST FRIEND EVER! :)

-I try soooooo hard to make people laugh to make more friends.

-This list is over. :)

-K bye! 8D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sbo Pres? Oh yeah! I forget!

Hello! As many of the Million (four) blog followers of mine know, i am student body president at Syracuse junior high. Well... Last term i barely didnt make grades to be in office so i was put on probation. I was out for a whole term, so i almost forgot how cool it made me feel to wear that jacket. And everyone knows... Im not that cool. Now that i am back off of probation, i've been feeling alot better. Things are going better at school, and thats just one less thing i have to feel stressed about. And i know what you're thinking.... Why is this kid talking about his grades and his officer-ness?... Well... I dont really know. But that is just what has been going on with me lately. So if you are reading this and think you might wanna do office in your years to come... DO IT! ITS so fun!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new year. A new years Resolution

At the beginning of this year i turned 15!!! Yes yes i know "look how big!" i've gotten and such which and so forth... Well... Im pretty much the same person. Accept now that i can get my permit... But hey well ya know. And also at the beginning of the year like everyone else in this country, i made a new years resolution list. One of those things was to be more mentally awake. To be grateful for what i have, where i live, and how blessed i am. And lately i've realized im pretty lucky. And that i live a great life no matter how much i hate it sometimes. So after reading this post, maybe there's something you might want to add to your new years resoluions list. Trust me, you'll feel so much better. Just stick that in your back pocket...