Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Un-original but an AMAZING IDEA!!!

Okay. So my brother Jaron has a blog. Right? Okay. And... He does these random posts that are like lists... Ya know? Yeah. I know im a sorta a "COPYCAT" But hey! Whatcha gonna do? so here goes.

-I actually REALLY like to sing. :)

-I love camping and Boating.

-oddly enough sometimes i feel like Kneeboarding is the ONLY thing im good at

-as much as i say it is, cello IS NOT my life. :)

-i am a horribly good secret keeper

-i SUCK at comebacks

-I go through these phases where either i wanna be an athlete, or just a regular joe and more!

-Im good at acting like im OKAY

-sometimes i wanna just roll in the mud

-i feel like i have to be happy and funny just to let everyone feel normal

-im pretty much immune to awkwardness

-I'm afraid to make mistakes

-So i dont take chances


-I have low self confidence yet i hear that i give confidence to others

-My brothers are two of my best friends

-im afraid to loose friends cuz its happened 5 times

-I just wanna have a little fun.

-*When i feel down i try to think "i could just be hilarious all my life... or i could sing in a bar for a living!"

-I used to think i had no friends when i actually have the best friends in the world

-sometimes i pretend like im famous

-im afraid to be home alone

-i cry when my brothers leave home

-and i mean it when i say my mother is the best in the entire world. Sorry guys :)

-i wish i was older so i could be friends with my brothers friends

-sometimes i trick myself into believing im cool like Dallas, Ty hoggan, or Janci Hamblin

-I sometimes wish my best friend was a guy

-then again... I have the BEST BEST FRIEND EVER! :)

-I try soooooo hard to make people laugh to make more friends.

-This list is over. :)

-K bye! 8D

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Jamie said...

You are the coolest person I know Mr. Devin Barney!!!!!