Thursday, June 23, 2011


My Brother Jaron has to be the best second oldest brother in the world! Michael being the best oldest brother in the world. Jaron will be twenty on saturday. Thank goodness we didnt loose him this past year. Jaron is like my best friend in the world! We get along so well and we're alike in so many ways! I know he had a more rough childhood than i ever thought he did but he is so strong that he hardly even remembers it now. Jaron is himself. He has a "No secrets" policy that idk if i ever could follow. What im trying to say is that he is an awesome brother and i never want to loose him. Happpy birthday child. If you're reading this...
Love devin.! :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Friends, My Brothers, and My Parents.

These people make my life the best. When im feeling bad, sad, angry, guilty, or afraid, they revive me. I have anxiety so its easy for me to feel fear and somehow when i talk to my parents i feel so much comfort. The picture of me and those two girls is like my favorite. These kids are two of my best friends. They always make me feel better. :)
<--- Those guys? Oh yeah they're my brothers!! I just never see them... Even though i hardly see them they are still the best brothers... EVER. I love my life even when i think i have the worst one in the world. I hope i never loose any of these people.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Un-original but an AMAZING IDEA!!!

Okay. So my brother Jaron has a blog. Right? Okay. And... He does these random posts that are like lists... Ya know? Yeah. I know im a sorta a "COPYCAT" But hey! Whatcha gonna do? so here goes.

-I actually REALLY like to sing. :)

-I love camping and Boating.

-oddly enough sometimes i feel like Kneeboarding is the ONLY thing im good at

-as much as i say it is, cello IS NOT my life. :)

-i am a horribly good secret keeper

-i SUCK at comebacks

-I go through these phases where either i wanna be an athlete, or just a regular joe and more!

-Im good at acting like im OKAY

-sometimes i wanna just roll in the mud

-i feel like i have to be happy and funny just to let everyone feel normal

-im pretty much immune to awkwardness

-I'm afraid to make mistakes

-So i dont take chances


-I have low self confidence yet i hear that i give confidence to others

-My brothers are two of my best friends

-im afraid to loose friends cuz its happened 5 times

-I just wanna have a little fun.

-*When i feel down i try to think "i could just be hilarious all my life... or i could sing in a bar for a living!"

-I used to think i had no friends when i actually have the best friends in the world

-sometimes i pretend like im famous

-im afraid to be home alone

-i cry when my brothers leave home

-and i mean it when i say my mother is the best in the entire world. Sorry guys :)

-i wish i was older so i could be friends with my brothers friends

-sometimes i trick myself into believing im cool like Dallas, Ty hoggan, or Janci Hamblin

-I sometimes wish my best friend was a guy

-then again... I have the BEST BEST FRIEND EVER! :)

-I try soooooo hard to make people laugh to make more friends.

-This list is over. :)

-K bye! 8D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sbo Pres? Oh yeah! I forget!

Hello! As many of the Million (four) blog followers of mine know, i am student body president at Syracuse junior high. Well... Last term i barely didnt make grades to be in office so i was put on probation. I was out for a whole term, so i almost forgot how cool it made me feel to wear that jacket. And everyone knows... Im not that cool. Now that i am back off of probation, i've been feeling alot better. Things are going better at school, and thats just one less thing i have to feel stressed about. And i know what you're thinking.... Why is this kid talking about his grades and his officer-ness?... Well... I dont really know. But that is just what has been going on with me lately. So if you are reading this and think you might wanna do office in your years to come... DO IT! ITS so fun!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new year. A new years Resolution

At the beginning of this year i turned 15!!! Yes yes i know "look how big!" i've gotten and such which and so forth... Well... Im pretty much the same person. Accept now that i can get my permit... But hey well ya know. And also at the beginning of the year like everyone else in this country, i made a new years resolution list. One of those things was to be more mentally awake. To be grateful for what i have, where i live, and how blessed i am. And lately i've realized im pretty lucky. And that i live a great life no matter how much i hate it sometimes. So after reading this post, maybe there's something you might want to add to your new years resoluions list. Trust me, you'll feel so much better. Just stick that in your back pocket...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few Years and change

Over the years not much has changed with me. I grew into my face and body, i figured out who my real friends are, and realized how miserable life is without my brothers at home. The day michael left for his mission, crazy drugies tried to get in my house. In september something happened with jaron that i always hoped wouldnt happen, but couldnt change the fact that it was going to. Now that it is Christmas break (Haleleua!) i get to see them more than normal. My brother Michael is engaged to a wonderful girl and will be marrying her in march. Jaron is a better singer than i have ever met. The mtp program has made him who he is. A preformer. My parents have just recently celebrated thier 30th anniversary. I will have had my dog for a year on new years eve. Then there's me. I still play the cello. I love it so much! It is one thing that im certain i never want to stop doing. Thats the update. For all who read this... Merry Christmas, and Happy New year.
Love Devin. Hehe! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the Strength of the Lord

I can try and try, Yet fail so many times
I was not designed to face this life on my own.
I can never be enough, if i try to do it all alone.

But in the strength of the lord
I can do all things.
He knows how to change the weakness in me
So i will let his love lift me up.
He believes i can do hard things if i will trust him
And walk Forward in the strength of the lord

He promised me there would never be
Anything too hard to overcome in my life
I can conquer anything if i give all my heart and mind

But in the strength of the lord
I can do all things.
He knows how to change the weakness in me
So i will let his love lift me up.
He believes i can do hard things if i will trust him
And walk forward in the strength of the lord.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I love my friends. I have recently discovered who my true friends are. There are the ones who love me. They text back, talk to me, and accept me and want to be around me. And its not that i didnt have that before but i feel like this is who i belong with. And if you are reading this you know who i am talking about. I love my friends because they have basically filled a hole in my life. Whereas i dont see my brothers anymore they make me feel like i can be loved. And not just by my awesome parents. There are the friends im talking about and many others. I have friends just recently moved in by me and they ALWAYS are real nice. They have always been nice and i dont usually get that in the neighborhood. I love all in the neighborhood and hope they love me back. I love my friends and want all who read this to know i love my them.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Lately i have felt low trust in my friends. I have let them down by doubting them and not listening. I have tried to work so hard on this but cant seem to change. I love all my friends and want to keep them so much. Maybe too much though. If i don't get a call or text back i freak out. I know its wrong and i have lost friends along the road for this reason. So the point of this is to let you all readers know when you have doubts ignore them, or find a solution. Talk to your friends about how you feel and if they cant accept that then their not your real friends. If they are true friends, they will try to love you and accept you always. Love them, support them, and talk to them even if they don't talk back.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

District Select

A while ago i was feeling low. Things had happened in my family and i was just not happy. So like i normally do i went to play my cello. But this time it was different. I felt sad still. I felt like i didnt sound good. I cried and was talking to my mom. I didnt know why i felt so low, i felt like quitting. i slept and went to school the next day. I was feeling low and still didnt completely like how i sounded and felt depressed. So the same thing happened. Accept when i went to school i didnt feel so sad. I went to orchestra and the teacher had some news. She told us all about District Select Orchestra (DSO) and got us all excited. DSO is where the teacher selects (Hehe hence the "S")the most talented students from each of their classes. These students go and play with the other selected kids from around the district. They have a big concert with actually really cool music and so the parents can ACTUALLY ENJOY the concert. So why am i telling you about this? Because my teacher chose me! I am so excited to do it! My concert is november 16th at 7:00 PM at Northridge High School. Please come support. You may actually enjoy it. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Im alright

What i have recently discovered is that you may not be expecting something to happen. I know right? I just barely figured that one out. Someone may have hurt you in the past. And thats okay. Im Alright. What they may have said to you could have hurt you so badly you question your own worth. But its okay. Im alright. Ill get through it and forgive the people who hurt me. They might have realized what they did was wrong. Maybe not. Still be their friend. Love everyone and deal with it. Like my awesome Mom said (at one point) "Put on your big kid panties and deal with it". So do! If something happened, it happened. With me it was about my friends. With anyone reading this it could be completely different. But accept it and move on. Remember theres someone who has felt your pain. Oprah! Awe who am i kidding? You know who it really is. Just slip that one in your back pocket.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Giggle Giggle

Be greatful for the ones you love.
Because you could loose them
You could almost loose them
You could discover something
They might fall away
They might not always be home
They might not be strong
But we need to love them
Love them

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I've recently realized what is true in life. Some things i already knew like , The gospel, The prophet and The scriptures. Some things i didnt know mattered so much to me and i didnt even realize it were Friends, Family, And Being true to myself. One day we all have to wake up and realize " Hey this is me. Im gonna deal with it. I love me no matter what." What also means alot is friends. I Realized "Ok. So im wierd, Not very tough, And kinda random." I needed to find people who accepted me no matter what and love me for myself. I realized that the people i loved and needed were right in front of me. I just never took the Chance of talking to them. Now that i did if feel complete. And lastly My Family. I know we all hear that family is important and we need to bond and stuff but its true. I noticed, My parents accept me. They love me no matter how much therapy i need or how stupid i get sometimes. I can act how i want around them and feel comfortable. I can do the same with my brothers. I have never felt closer to Jaron and Michael. I feel like i just noticed how much alike me and my brothers are. I love my life and hope to live it as long as possible. And i feel this way Because of my family. So listen to your family, spend time with them, and no matter what happens dont let them go.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big News!!!

Earlier this year i was elected an S.B.O. Then later we had interviews with a counselor and our S.B.O advisor. Then after the interview they divvy it out between the vote count and the quality of answers they gave in the interview. Obviously i did pretty well... Considering Im Syracuse Junior Highs new Student Body President!!!!! Im very excited and super pumped cuz i know its gonna be a great year!! :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Musically active

In my personal opinion, music is more than something you dance and sing along to. Music is something you can feel. If you are playing a song or listening to one you can feel the emotion and the feel of the song. Your instrument is not only just a large piece of wood or metal with a reed. Your instrument is an extention of your body. Like another limb.

Music can be a sport, depending on how active you are with it. Are you musically unhealthy? Or do you excercise regularly? Im not saying that everyone needs music in thier lives and has to have it to make you happy. Some do just fine with sports like soccer and basketball. But me growing up with a musical family and always being around it makes me feel comfortable and happy.

All im saying is is that music is mine and my families life. We all have always liked to sing and play music. Michael plays guitar very well, jaron sings dances acts and plays piano( the most well rounded musical person) and is a pre mdt major at BYU, and I play the cello, and sing. My mom sings like an angel, and my dad sings bass like no other. I love music and i encourage you to be musically active.~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your own personal NIRVANA. Peace of mind.

A person was talking to me in a church and he told me about what i can do to achieve peace of mind. He said to LIMIT limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is us telling ourselves we arent good enough, that we cant do something. That we cant do something we set our minds to. That we are uncapable. If we limit and even eliminate those things we can achieve. A person once said if you shoot for nothing, you hit every time.

He also said that we need to be concious of our conciousness. Are we living in the moment? Or are we becoming robots and doing the same thing over and over. And if we are, are we even aware that we are doing dishes, or brushing teeth? Or are we focusing all our attention on the past and future. Do you even remember what you did this morning? The morning before? The mornings this whole month? Do you do the same things?

We always hear people say, "Oh no im good man. Im just going with the flow". Flow is bad. Shut the flood gate! Do your own thing! This man tells me to picture my perfect day. Is it playing in the snow? Is it reading a book with a cup of hot chocolate? Is it a day out on the lake? Picture it now and write it down.... Now. What are you... Feeling? Doing? Who with? Where? Why is this your perfect day. He told me to make this day every day. Now you cant play in the snow every day, obviously, but, he says make every day the perfect day.

In the end we can achieve whatever we want if we want to. If you think hard enough about one thing, it will happen eventually. Now, if that thing is negative, it will still happen. Now if you want a piece of pizza its not going to just poof up. But you can order delivery, if thats what you really want. Make the things this man has told me, into words that apply to you. Use them every day and you will achieve your NIRVANA your state of happiness and peace.