Saturday, October 9, 2010

Im alright

What i have recently discovered is that you may not be expecting something to happen. I know right? I just barely figured that one out. Someone may have hurt you in the past. And thats okay. Im Alright. What they may have said to you could have hurt you so badly you question your own worth. But its okay. Im alright. Ill get through it and forgive the people who hurt me. They might have realized what they did was wrong. Maybe not. Still be their friend. Love everyone and deal with it. Like my awesome Mom said (at one point) "Put on your big kid panties and deal with it". So do! If something happened, it happened. With me it was about my friends. With anyone reading this it could be completely different. But accept it and move on. Remember theres someone who has felt your pain. Oprah! Awe who am i kidding? You know who it really is. Just slip that one in your back pocket.

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