Saturday, October 30, 2010


Lately i have felt low trust in my friends. I have let them down by doubting them and not listening. I have tried to work so hard on this but cant seem to change. I love all my friends and want to keep them so much. Maybe too much though. If i don't get a call or text back i freak out. I know its wrong and i have lost friends along the road for this reason. So the point of this is to let you all readers know when you have doubts ignore them, or find a solution. Talk to your friends about how you feel and if they cant accept that then their not your real friends. If they are true friends, they will try to love you and accept you always. Love them, support them, and talk to them even if they don't talk back.

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Courtney Hamilton said...

Dear Devin,
I love you so much!
We will hang out soon, ok?
Your great, and don't for get it!
Love you!