Monday, November 8, 2010


I love my friends. I have recently discovered who my true friends are. There are the ones who love me. They text back, talk to me, and accept me and want to be around me. And its not that i didnt have that before but i feel like this is who i belong with. And if you are reading this you know who i am talking about. I love my friends because they have basically filled a hole in my life. Whereas i dont see my brothers anymore they make me feel like i can be loved. And not just by my awesome parents. There are the friends im talking about and many others. I have friends just recently moved in by me and they ALWAYS are real nice. They have always been nice and i dont usually get that in the neighborhood. I love all in the neighborhood and hope they love me back. I love my friends and want all who read this to know i love my them.

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Jamie said...

I freakin love you so so so so so much!!!