Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few Years and change

Over the years not much has changed with me. I grew into my face and body, i figured out who my real friends are, and realized how miserable life is without my brothers at home. The day michael left for his mission, crazy drugies tried to get in my house. In september something happened with jaron that i always hoped wouldnt happen, but couldnt change the fact that it was going to. Now that it is Christmas break (Haleleua!) i get to see them more than normal. My brother Michael is engaged to a wonderful girl and will be marrying her in march. Jaron is a better singer than i have ever met. The mtp program has made him who he is. A preformer. My parents have just recently celebrated thier 30th anniversary. I will have had my dog for a year on new years eve. Then there's me. I still play the cello. I love it so much! It is one thing that im certain i never want to stop doing. Thats the update. For all who read this... Merry Christmas, and Happy New year.
Love Devin. Hehe! :)


Kylee Jo; said...

Devin I miss you dearly! You have changed a lot. You have come from my third grade best friend to the student body president of Syracuse Junior High! You will and have done great things! (:

Jamie said...

devin i love you!! you are the most positive person i know... you rock my world!