Thursday, December 31, 2009

Musically active

In my personal opinion, music is more than something you dance and sing along to. Music is something you can feel. If you are playing a song or listening to one you can feel the emotion and the feel of the song. Your instrument is not only just a large piece of wood or metal with a reed. Your instrument is an extention of your body. Like another limb.

Music can be a sport, depending on how active you are with it. Are you musically unhealthy? Or do you excercise regularly? Im not saying that everyone needs music in thier lives and has to have it to make you happy. Some do just fine with sports like soccer and basketball. But me growing up with a musical family and always being around it makes me feel comfortable and happy.

All im saying is is that music is mine and my families life. We all have always liked to sing and play music. Michael plays guitar very well, jaron sings dances acts and plays piano( the most well rounded musical person) and is a pre mdt major at BYU, and I play the cello, and sing. My mom sings like an angel, and my dad sings bass like no other. I love music and i encourage you to be musically active.~

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