Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your own personal NIRVANA. Peace of mind.

A person was talking to me in a church and he told me about what i can do to achieve peace of mind. He said to LIMIT limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is us telling ourselves we arent good enough, that we cant do something. That we cant do something we set our minds to. That we are uncapable. If we limit and even eliminate those things we can achieve. A person once said if you shoot for nothing, you hit every time.

He also said that we need to be concious of our conciousness. Are we living in the moment? Or are we becoming robots and doing the same thing over and over. And if we are, are we even aware that we are doing dishes, or brushing teeth? Or are we focusing all our attention on the past and future. Do you even remember what you did this morning? The morning before? The mornings this whole month? Do you do the same things?

We always hear people say, "Oh no im good man. Im just going with the flow". Flow is bad. Shut the flood gate! Do your own thing! This man tells me to picture my perfect day. Is it playing in the snow? Is it reading a book with a cup of hot chocolate? Is it a day out on the lake? Picture it now and write it down.... Now. What are you... Feeling? Doing? Who with? Where? Why is this your perfect day. He told me to make this day every day. Now you cant play in the snow every day, obviously, but, he says make every day the perfect day.

In the end we can achieve whatever we want if we want to. If you think hard enough about one thing, it will happen eventually. Now, if that thing is negative, it will still happen. Now if you want a piece of pizza its not going to just poof up. But you can order delivery, if thats what you really want. Make the things this man has told me, into words that apply to you. Use them every day and you will achieve your NIRVANA your state of happiness and peace.

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